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  • Bags of Dignity

    Sometimes it is easy to take a bag for granted. It is always there when you need it. It carries everything. You can choose pretty colors and functional styles to match an outfit. It goes wherever you do and can be replaced with another. It can be even considered a status symbol or as a representation of one’s personality. But for some, the bag being carried is a symbol of despair and for others, shame.


    When a child is placed in foster care, it is commonplace to pack all earthly possessions into a bag, any bag, but usually a plastic garbage bag. This may be out of convenience or expedience. However in this circumstance, a plastic garbage bag imputes a reduction of dignity. The connotations are poignant and jarring, especially for a child. The idea of carrying your life in a garbage bag goes beyond basic symbolism and affects the core of self-esteem and self-worth.


    In an effort to contribute towards restoring dignity, Casauri is donating a variety of beautiful Casauri travel, messenger, and tote bags to foster children at United for Families.  There are many ways to contribute and assist children in need, if you would like to know more, visit United for Families.

  • Why we need you to shop

    The perfect gift

    Today is Black Friday, tomorrow is the newly inaugurated Small Business Saturday, Sunday is well Sunday (for now), and then Cyber Monday.  Small businesses, like Casauri, depend on all of you to keep us going. If you value innovative products and a vibrant economy, then we are what help to make that a reality. There are two sides to the equation us + you = success!

    Help small businesses succeed this holiday season and every day by buying our products and shopping at your local small businesses. The big box stores may have a monopoly on pricing, but small businesses keep things interesting and add that necessary spice to life.

    Spread the word on Twitter @casauri and Like us on Facebook.com/Casauri for extra specials that you won’t find anywhere else on cool techcessories - iPad cases, laptop bags, and more!

    On behalf of small businesses everywhere, thank you for your support!

  • Mother's Day Gift Guide - Mobile Style

    At Casauri we make it easy for you to show Mom how special she is. Yes, flowers and chocolates are always great and make an excellent add-on gift. However, getting a gift that lasts longer and that can go almost everywhere, will have Mom smiling throughout the year.  Plus, another reason to smile is the chance to get 25% off your purchase at casauri.com when you use Coupon Code: 25OFF.

    We put together this nifty video (with help from Animoto) to highlight some Casauri bags that Mom will love and use – every day. Our theme is Work – Play – Get-Away!

    Work – can be fun! Our 15.6” Laptop Briefs and 13” Envelope laptop bags are lightweight, totally functional and do the job. Casauri Business card cases are ideal for heavy duty networking (it can hold up to 50 cards). These bags keep you efficiently stylish and certainly make your work a lot more fun.

    Play – as much as you can! Our iPhone/Smart case allows you to use your phone inside the case and protect it while frolicking on the beach. An iPad/tablet is as essential as your wallet, so keep it safe and accessible in a Casauri iPad/Tablet case (also fits the new Asus TF01).

    Get-Away – Now! There is no time like the present, so grab a spiffy and roomy Carry-all Weekender and hit the road! If you’re looking for something somewhat smaller, then the Every Day Tote is the bag for you! It has all the pockets you need for not only your travel essentials, but iPad, laptop (13”), and phone. The ID Case/Flat Wallet will help you breeze through airport security – it’s the place where you can always find your parking stubs, metro passes, valet tickets

    Remember, we can monogram your bags for that personal touch. Just select the monogram option when ordering your bag.

    Bon voyage and Happy Mother’s Day!

    We really want to hear from you, so please post your photos and videos with you and your Casauri bags on Facebook, Twitter, and now on Pinterest!

  • Thank You Steve Jobs

    In listening to the various commemorations of the impact of Steve Jobs’ legacy on society at large, there is one recurring theme - his work was transformative. Pick a direction and go in it, and you can probably find a way in which he had an influence, almost like the rays of the sun.

    I would like to take this opportunity to share the impact of Steve Jobs on Casauri.  Apple was the first computer company that gave Casauri a chance to do business with them in our early years. No other computer company would give us the time of day. In fact, back in 2003 when I asked the CEO of a prominent PC company if he would consider our line of colorful designer laptop bags, he said: “no, thank you”.

    Apple on the other hand, was willing to give us a try in the Apple Company Store in Cupertino, CA and on Apple.com.  We attribute Apple’s willingness to work with a small business, initially run from my bedroom, as a token of the visionary heritage direct from Steve Jobs.  So I thank him and Apple for yet another transformative act.

    On behalf of Casauri, I would like to express sincere condolences to the family of Steve Jobs and to all our friends at Apple.  Although today may be cloudy, the sun still shines and your future is bright.

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