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DeLoor Asymmetric Multicolor Striped Eyewear Frame


You are unique. You only desire unique, self-expressive frames - you've found them! Made from 100% Cotton Acetate, Crafted in Germany, the Exclusive Deloor for Casauri asymmetric frames - the legendary square and circle - make a statement like no other and start instant conversations of complete endearment, admiration, and the inevitable question "where did you get that?"

Each frame is one-of-a-kind limited edition. We may have similar color ways, but no two eyewear frames will be exactly the same as photographed here. Imagine the concept of a marble cake - the colors are similar and the flavor is the same, but no two cakes are alike in color pattern.

Each frame is shipped inside of a beautiful protective case. The original price is $450.00 per frame, but for the launch with Casauri the launch price is $350.00

PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING: DeLoor eyewear frames are made from the highest quality materials and are warrantied against manufacturer's defects for up to one year from purchase. The frames do not come with lenses - these are frames ONLY. No coupon codes can be used with purchase of frames unless for shipping promotions. Sales on eyewear are final and eyewear frames cannot be returned. Nose pads can be added to your frame for an additional cost of $75.00, please contact us if nosepads are necessary at

To insert lenses in your frames, please take your frames to a reputable optician with the instruction to not use too much heat when inserting lenses. These frames can accomodate progressive lenses.

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