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  • Semi-Annual Back to School Clearance Sale

    There is no time like the present to stock up on classic Casauri laptop bags, iPad bags, iPhone 4S cases, and travel totes - all perfect for back to school. In our semi-annual back to school clearance sale you can do just that. Get sophisticated, yet different, stylish tech cases and work bags that will turn heads and save you money.

    When you join our email list you will receive the special back to school code where you can get up to 75% off on select items.

    Envelope Sleeve fits 13" laptops Envelope Sleeve - sizes to fit 13" and 15" laptops
  • Looking to Sew a Prototype?

    Casauri now offers a special service in custom prototyping, sample and pattern making.  Our specialized prototyping for sewn products include - bags to apparel to home decor from window treatments to slip covers.

    In addition to our prototyping service, we also offer design consultation and can assist you in developing your product concept by providing valuable insight and expertise gained from over 20 years of entrepreneurial, production, and business experience.

    If you have an idea and are looking for expert and affordable sample making, contact us info at casauri.com or call us 772-460-8978.

  • DIY | How to Sew a Cell Phone Cover - Episode 1

    Welcome to our first episode of Casauri DIY - How to sew a cell phone cover using a 3D animated lenticular plastic fabric. The video tutorial will show you how to sew your DIY customized phone case with step by step instructions and materials listed below.

    Helena McHugh, Casauri's co-founder, designer, and all-things-hand-made resident expert will show you how to make a cute and sleek customized design phone cover  for any size iPhone or Android phone.  This project is perfect for back to school - stand out on campus with your own handmade phone case! Select from colorful and sophisticated fabrics including fun animal prints.

    Step 1 - Gather the needed materials
    1) 3-D Lenticular Plastic Fabric - available to order at Casauri DIY
    2) Tape Measure
    3) Pencil
    4) Ruler 12" or 18"
    5) Scissors
    6) Sewing Machine with size 14 needle
    7) Thread to match fabric (or a neutral color is good)
    8) Paper to write down phone dimensions
    9) Your phone of choice - iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, any phone

    Step 2 - How to Measure your Phone
    1) Using your tape measure - measure the height of the phone, write on the paper and then add 3/4" for seam allowance and ease. Add both numbers together for the final measurement. Example: If your phone's height is 4 3/4", add 3/4" to the measurement for a total of 5 1/2"
    2) Then measure the width of the phone by circumference - wrap the tape measure across the front then around the sides to the back of the phone and add 3/4". Example: If your phone width is 5 3/4", add 3/4" to the measurement for a total of 6 1/2". Write your final measurements on paper.

    NOTE: Regardless of your phone size, you will need to add 3/4" to both the height and the width measurements.

    Step 3 - Mark the Phone Dimensions on the 3D Fabric
    1) On the back of the 3D fabric (the smooth surface), use your pencil to lightly mark out the dimensions of your phone so that you can cut along the lines
    2) Make sure all the edges of the fabric are even and cut off any rough edges to make them smooth.

    Step 4 - Now you're ready to start sewing the phone case
    1) Prepare your sewing machine with the thread you will use and the No. 14 needle and set the machine to sew 8 to 9 stitches per inch (you can test this on a small sample piece of fabric)
    2) Now fold the cut out fabric in two; make sure all ends are evenly lined up and hold the sides together as you go to the sewing machine
    3) Gauge a 1/4" seam allowance by looking at the distance between the eye of the needle and edge of the presser foot
    4) Position the fabric on your machine to start sewing. Back tack or reverse stitch for about three or four stitches at the beginning, then turn the fabric around and take your time stitching. You may need to lightly "push or feed" the fabric through since it is thick. Do not rush. Stop sewing at about 1/4" from the bottom of the fabric.
    5) Now turn the fabric to sew across the bottom to the end. Sew slowly and steadily, then back tack or reverse stitch about three to four stitches from the end for reinforcement.
    6) Cut the thread close to the stitching to avoid loose threads.
    7) Carefully Shape the curves of your case to remove sharp edges.

    Step 5 - You're done - You made it!
    1) Fit your phone in your new snazzy phone case - show all your friends! They will probably want you to make them one too!
    2) Save the extra fabric for future projects or to make another phone case.
    3) Let us know how this tutorial was for you by leaving us comments below. Thank You! We'll see you next time! Make sure to subscribe to our Casauri TV YouTube channel so that you get all our cool DIY projects coming down the pike!




  • We Declare our Independence – Casauri launches Bags Made in the USA

    We the people declare our independence! Casauri is pleased to announce the launch of our new “We the People” Collection made in the USA by Casauri.  We have been diligently working to make products in the USA in order to  to expedite getting new and exciting products to you and to support our local economy. This premium handcrafted collection represents everything that America stands for - hard work, resilience, independent style, and practicality.

    The “We the People” Collection, made from 100% natural cotton canvas, includes:

    The super sleek and ultra-functional Vertical Flat Laptop Tote fits from 11” to 13” laptops and MacBooks; features include a special pocket for your iPad/tablet, plus pockets for pens, pencils, sunglasses, iPhone/Android, and more. A large interior zippered pocket holds your valuables and tech adapters. To keep things secure and accessible, there is a zippered pocket on the front of the bag.

    Vertical Laptop iPad Tote$65


    The iPad Sleeve fits your iPad comfortably and sleekly with a two-way zipper for quick and secure access.

    iPad Zippered Sleeve 100% natural cotton canvas



    The iPad Envelope is an elegant case for your iPad that has a neat Velcro closure tab; it carries your iPad in professional and accessible style.

    iPad Envelope with Flap Velcro closure by Casauri$35


    Last, but most definitely not least, is our Versatile Pouch. This nifty little bag is the right size for all the little things that can get caught up in the fray of not having a home of their own – pens, pencils, lip gloss, hand lotion, make-up, tissue, snacks, cell phone, keys, wallet, and more.

    Versatile Pouch


    Order your “We the People” bags today right here! Not only are you getting great Casauri bags, but with every order you are supporting and creating jobs in the USA. That is independence indeed – thank you for your support, please share the good news with your friends and family!!


    Watch our “We the People” video and subscribe to our Casauri YouTube channel.

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