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The Little Girl's Guide to Entrepreneurship: What I Know Now That I Sure Wish I Knew Then (Paper Back Book)


The Little Girl’s Guide to Entrepreneurship, by Casauri Founder Emily McHugh, is "not just for little girls" it is all substance and no fluff, serving as the perennial insiders reference guide about what all entrepreneurs and startups need to know about business. With a focus on small business owners and startups, not only can this book change your business, but it can also change your life. This book helps you to both take care of your self and your business. Also available on Amazon.

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What Our Customers Say

  • TrueID
    The Little Girl’s Guide to Entrepreneurship
    The little girl's guide to entrepreneurship was great! I have a 12 yo granddaughter and we read the book together. She loved it and so did I. It was clear, simple and engaging. I especially appreciated the discussion of avoidance of pitfalls. I have recommended this book to others and I highly recommend it to you!
  • Worldmapper2016
    Best book ever for first time Entrepreneurs
    This book is very well written and reads as if you’re having a frank, honest and personal conversation with an experienced business woman – Ms. Emily McHugh. She provides the basics of entrepreneurship with real life experiences that are very relatable and not just for girls, but for boys too. Can’t handle the math of business? Don’t let that discourage you from your dreams, Emily provides just the right essential formulas you’ll need for success as an entrepreneur, walking you through the basics. She provides a realistic view of things to be aware of in the startup business. Focus on your goals, take care of the details, but not to the point of distraction. Easy and short read – a MUST for anyone who is thinking about going into business for themselves or hesitant to make that first step!

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