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Vitamin C Soap

Give your skin a daily boost of Vitamin C with Artic Cloudberry exfoliating bath bar. Cloudberries are known as the "Gold of the Arctic". Hand-harvested during the late summer months when they blush with a rich golden hue, this tiny super-fruit contains up to FOUR times more Vitamin C than an entire orange. Growing in some of the most pristine regions of the world, these restorative ingredients contain potent antioxidants known to combat environmental stressors while protecting the skin. Vitamin C is known to promote collagen production and is considered the supreior topical antioxidant for radiant, healthy skin. SOAPS ARE NOT RETURNABLE AND ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. PLEASE NOTE: Earth Stone Soap Dish is sold separately. Not only will your skin glow in appreciation of this delightful soap, but the refreshing aroma will remind you of fresh oranges.

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