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Behind the Mask - The Art of the Pivot - Evolution is in our DNA

The number one question that I always get asked about Casauri is how did we come up with the name for our business. Our company name is Cameleon (French spelling) and we believe in changing and evolving over time – so when we started the business all the way back in 1999 – yes, it is hard to believe – our focus was to design high quality stylish laptop bags for women. The objective was to meet a function based on a shortage and a high demand, with style – always with style.

Fast forward to 2020, we were placed in the same position again to meet a function based on a shortage and a high demand – but this time, the product was different. We were requested to design premium high quality face masks for a local hospital.

Casauri mask

Within two weeks of receiving the order to make the face coverings, we did the following:

  • made product samples
  • sourced the material
  • found people locally to sew (all women and one man)
  • delivered the first shipment of almost 600 masks, with only 14,400 to go!

This project has met many functions and demands on multiple levels.Not only were frontline workers provided with urgently needed PPE, but local families were able to have jobs and thereby eat, from the opportunity to sew. By creating a home-based cottage industry of sewers throughout our region, Casauri was in the midst of another evolution – from production overseas to production in the U.S.

Being able to pivot with agility and respond to the demands of the market place was a most satisfying endeavor. We have now married our bags with the masks by designing crossbody bags with matching masks that have a special access pocket for the mask. Whether you are out shopping or going for a walk in the park we can accompany you, meet your needs, and do it all with style!

So, the next time someone asks where our name comes from, I will have an extra reason to smile and say we believe in change and evolving over time – it is in our DNA.

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