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The Casauri Re-Launch

Today's unique date of 2-22-22 marks the official re-launch of the Casauri website and the introduction of new and refreshed Casauri products. We have tapped into our heritage of designing unique and colorful products that promote self-expression.

In response to the dynamic times in which we live, Casauri enhances your digital mobile lifestyle with a variety of curated products that cater to the "laptop lifestyle" - whether you work from home (WFH) remotely or are a digital nomad.

our global challenges, we remain more connected by technology than ever before. This connectedness increases our digital mobility. As we spend more time in front of our digital devices, the need to express oneself remains. Hence, Casauri provides tools for self-expression - from Zoom-ready eyewear to sudsy self care - we meet you where you are. We are ready to travel when you are with our line of tech and travel bags and travel accessories.

Thank you for including Casauri in your travel and mobile plans!


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