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Welcome to Casauri
Where expressing yourself is a virtue
Since 1999

Simple, yet profound
Timeless, yet modern

What We Do

We design for your digital and mobile lifestyle. Casauri is a purveyor of high-quality expressions of boldness and freshness, combined with timeless design. From savvy tech cases and tote bags, Zoom-worthy eyewear, to super charge self-care – Casauri aims to make life a little easier while making you smile.

Who We Serve

Individuals, aka Casaurians, who value quality, bold style, and well-thought-out design. You include jet set globetrotters from Iceland to Australia, from Hong Kong to Tokyo, from the beach to the café – we go where you go – everywhere!

What We Believe

Casauri is about the 3 F’s: a lot of fun, a little funky, and 100% functional.

Self-expression, confidence, professionalism, vibrant color, versatility, plus enduring quality, are hallmarks of Casauri style.

These are some of the benefits we have witnessed of the “Casauri Effect”:

    Productivity increases happiness
    Happiness increases organization
    Organization increases efficiency
    Efficiency increases confidence
    Confidence emboldens self-expression
    Self-expression makes you happy!

    What’s in a Name

    Designed to evolve, Casauri derives its provenance from the “ca-” in the French “caméléon” and the “-sauri” from the reptile family Sauria. The ball logo is symbolic of the coiled tail of the chameleon (introspective) or a beach ball (extrovert) – you choose. As an extra bonus, our name has multicultural appeal being both Japanese and Italian. We are at home anywhere and everywhere.

    We Make History

    From a Columbia Business School class project to becoming the first laptop case sold at the MoMA Design Store - Museum of Modern Art in New York and Tokyo, Casauri made design history. In addition, our design for the Department of Homeland Security TSA approved checkpoint-friendly “butterfly” laptop bag protocol adopted at airports nationwide, forever expedited check-ins.

    Why We Started

    In the summer of 1999, Casauri put the fun back into function for tech and travel cases, because something had to be done about nondescript laptop bags. Casauri unites fresh design with bold color to result in timeless style. We realize that simple design can be anything but; by taking into account the essentials, we want you to say: “I am glad you thought of that.”

    Who We Are

    Founded by two enterprising sisters, born in Cambridge, England, raised in East Orange, New Jersey, with roots in Jamaica and beyond, Emily and Helena McHugh, combined their respective expertise and eclectic personalities to launch the Casauri vision.

    Emily’s seminal book, “The Little Girl’s Guide to Entrepreneurship – What I Know Now That I Sure Wish I Knew Then” highlights in-depth insights on Casauri’s evolution and chronicles key lessons from the Casauri entrepreneurial journey. Not just for little girls, this book is a “must-read” for budding entrepreneurs.